• Scott

    Within 4 short months Scott destroyed 60lbs of fat while gaining 15lbs of muscle to completely transform..

  • Zane

    Zane's goal for a long time was to get lean and finally see abs...

  • Logan

    Starting the whole regimen with Logan in the Spring of 2013, he decrease body fat and gained muscle to achieve his goal of finally seeing abs at 44, and even entering a Men's Physique competition!

  • Tony

    A Marine veteran, Tony made a transformation in a short time to enter his first Men's Physique Competition...

  • Britney

    Looking to shed some lbs and get more fit..

  • Lidija

    Struggling with her weight for years, Lidija made a lifestyle change and consistently dropped lbs every week

  • Shane

    I trained into making a huge transformation and entering his 1st Men's Physique show..

  • Kenny

    Kenny made the ultimate transformation losing over 100 lbs in 9 months..

  • Pam

    Being already in great shape Pam wanted get super-lean and step on a stage some day....

  • Mario

    Mario was always athletic so when we decided to enter a Men's Physique competition, I got him shredded down to 4% BF and achieved the body he has always wanted!

  • David

    From fit to extremely fit, entered his 1st Men's Physique competition..

  • Tim

    I trained Tim for his very first Mens Physique Competition, which he took 3rd out of 12 in Masters Category...

  • Denglish

    Denglish had eight weeks to prepare for a fitness competition in Nigeria. In a short period of time, we had to do everything right. The proof is in the pictures. Through hard work, Denglish stacked on muscle while stripping off fat and came out looking great!


  • Irene

    After being fascinated with the Bikini category, I helped Irene transformed her body and win the Masters Overall Bikini at the 2013 Washinton Ironman!

  • Dane

    Having competed in 2 Men's Physique competitions placing low, in 2 months I changed his already lean physique into extremely lean with better proportions for his last competition...

  • Naomi

    Naomi had competed in one Bikini competion prior to working with me. As soon as we started her legs improved and she got super lean going into her 2nd competition where she won the Masters Overall Bikini, and took 1st in her class in the Open Division at the 2013 Oregon Ironman..

  • Ben

    Ben decided to enter a competition after a fan of Men's Physique. We made it happen in half a year!

  • LeeAnne

    I worked with LeeAnne in March of 2013 to prepare her for her 2nd woman's bikini competition in June 2013.

  • Justin

    Gaining muscle while losing fat, in 6 months he stepped on stage to compete in Men's Physique..

  • Kimmy


    "I came to Alex because I had been doing a lot of cardio and knew I needed more than just that.

  • Eron

    Taking on the challenge to prepare on his own in his first ever Men's Physique competition, Eron wasn't happy with..