From fit to extremely fit, entered his 1st Men's Physique competition..


With the personalized nutrition and training program I built for him, he started seeing great results right away. My professional guidance and his hard work were the recipe for a 1st place finish at his first show ever. We are currently training for a 2nd show in 2014.


 David Testimonial:

“I've been working out for many years and prior to meeting Alex I
thought that I was in great shape and knew what I was doing. After I
decided to start training with Alex I was proven wrong. He took me
physically and mentally to a whole new level of fitness. Besides
coaching me to a 2nd and 1st place in the men's physique division for
my first two competitions. He showed me that anyone can benefit from
having a trainer. Alex made me feel like I was the only person in the
gym when we were training and took advantage of every minute we spent
working out together. Whether your new to the gym, or like I was an
expert in my own mind. Alex has the tools that will help you achieve
whatever goals you have in mind. I'm grateful to have met you Alex and
you'll always be my trainer and friend.”