Kenny made the ultimate transformation losing over 100 lbs in 9 months..

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I started working with Kenny in December of 2011 with a goal to lose weight and become more fit. I got him on the right diet and workout plan and we started making progress. We were able to build on our immediate success and within a few months he had lost over 60 pounds! By September 2012 Kenny had dropped over 100 pounds in a healthy, sustainable way. He has done an incredible job with the workouts and dieting and has been able to keep that weight off since. His dedication was remarkable!

Kenny Testimonial:

“What can you say about somebody that you enjoy being around but hate while he pushes you to the edge and then over it. This has basically been my experience with Alex over the last few years. He has helped me to make a realistic workout schedule and diet plan to take me from my previous 300lbs to my current weight of 195lbs and continues to give me motivation to maintain this. It wouldn't have been possible without him.”