I worked with LeeAnne in March of 2013 to prepare her for her 2nd woman's bikini competition in June 2013.


LeeAnne had competed in a Women’s Bikini show before, but she was looking make some improvements. We started prepping in March for a June show. She came in looking amazing at the show and ended up taking 2nd place Bikini at Oregon State!


I started training with Alex back in March 2013 for a competition. I met with him for a couple of minutes told him my goals and that we had 11 weeks to get competition ready. Completely blown away that in that few minutes he remembered me and built me a program specific to my goals. His style of training is simply the best. The changes that my body went through when I trained with Alex was amazing! every week I noticed the changes and couldn't believe that I could look like that ever and I was because of him. Every time I trained with him I left exhausted and that motivated me to give my best every day when he wasn't around. I live 5 hours away from Alex and got to train with him a couple of  times a month in person. He was always there for me to answer questions, check in with me and based on how I was progressing changing my routine or diet. I was used to having a trainer in the same town and did not know what to expect with Alex being 5 hours away but we were always in contact. He was always available to talk and if not he would make sure to get back to me as soon as he could. As a competitor this is HUGE especially towards the end  and he helped me push through towards the end. Alex was there every step of the way! He's inspiring because not only is his training top notch he does this every day himself. He lives it and only wants to help others meet their goals.