I trained into making a huge transformation and entering his 1st Men's Physique show..


I put together a personalized diet and workout program for him and we got to work. Shane had lots of muscle already, but he also had high body fat. In addition to building a nutrition and exercise program for him, I also helped Shane mentally get through the grueling workouts and stay on track with the strict diet plan. He did an incredible job following my direction, and his transformation was incredible. He ended up taking 3rd place at his first show, the Oregon Ironman, and will be doing his second show in 2014!

Shane Testimonial:

“Alex was the best thing that happened to me. He helped me understand how to eat & workout to get the results I wanted. I never thought I would ever see abs on myself. He checked in with me constantly to make sure I was staying on track, he pushed to levels I had never been, he never gave up on me. Alex Atansov is the best person to help anyone reach their fitness goals.”