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Born and raised in a small country of Macedonia-- Europe, moved to America in my teens where I received a degree in Exercise Science along with my ACSM Certification. During my teenage years, I lived a very active lifestyle playing sports and lifting weights.  I incorporated all styles of training techniques, eventually discovering what works best for me. and ultimately led to me achieving my dream physique. The knowledge, consistency, and passion for living the lifestyle have changed my life in many positive ways.

For years I have been participating in national level men's physique competitions held all over the U.S. have appeared in numerous national sports & fitness commercials for companies such as Nautilus (Bowflex), Nike, Adidas, Champion, and have been featured as a Personal Trainer on the T.V. show Portlandia.

I have been working as a personal trainer since 2011, dedicating my life to fitness and helping people transform their bodies with my guidance, motivation and training techniques. Since then I've stayed motivated each day by helping others improve their bodies. My regimen focuses on combinations of weight training, strength training & conditioning, plyometrics, Cardio, etc—all customized based on the individual's current fitness level to help them achieve their fitness goal. I believe that all of these, as well as nutrition guidance, can lead to a long-lasting lifestyle transformation! Contact me to get you closer to your dream body!


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Email: alex@alexatanasov.com